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Five Tips For Becoming A Fiction Blogger

Fiction Bloggers have a unique position in the world of online blogging. Readers of this type of writing are usually seeking information that will help them solve a problem or solve their own issues, and they want to be able to find that information without having to sift through hundreds or thousands of similar blogs. This is one of the chief benefits of becoming a fiction blogger. While other bloggers tend to offer information on a general topic that is relevant to their niche, fiction bloggers will explore topics that are a bit outside of their normal purview.

As a fiction blogger you will have the unique position of being able to link your blog to other websites. One of the best ways to do this is through twitter. Many people nowadays use twitter to update both their personal blogs and websites. If you choose to follow others on twitter you can easily post information related to your blog and also gain followers. As your followers get more interested in your blog, many of them may even follow you on to twitter or to other sites where you can offer further updates on your blog.

In addition to this, another way in which a fiction blogger can benefit from twitter is that you can set up polls. Many people enjoy using twitter as a way to get their opinion out there. By setting up a simple poll on your blog you can allow your followers to give you their opinion on various things. Once you start following others on twitter who follow the same topics as your blog, you will be able to build an informal network of bloggers.

A major benefit for a fiction blogger is that their blog may attract new guests who would not normally find you as a viable guest. Twitter gives you a chance to meet others that are looking to join your community. Some of these may include other bloggers that have a similar kind of topic as you. These guest posts can result in blog spots or even guest posts on other websites.

The other opportunity for a fiction blogger lies in being able to use twitter to promote their own blogs. By following those who are following the same topic as your blog you can easily start building a network of bloggers. This is much easier than using one website and hoping that it will gain traffic enough to make a profit. As your name becomes familiar, you will begin to find people asking you to write guest posts on other people’s blog.

Finally, a fiction writer should not overlook the power of the Internet. Freelance writers can easily market themselves through blogs. This allows them to continue writing while maintaining a consistent source of work. While blogging may not pay as well as a traditional writer, it can definitely be profitable for a creative writing enthusiast.

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